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Moon Light

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28 Inch Moon Light 

- Versatile Lighting Solution:
- Designed for various professionals:
- Eyelash extension technicians
- Nail technicians
- Estheticians and facialists
- Tattoo artists
- Permanent makeup artists
- Suitable for office use
- Full Facial Coverage:
- Top arc rotates fully to reduce shadows
- Adjustable Poles:
- Poles are adjustable to cater to different needs in the industry
- Height Adjustment:
- Can be adjusted low for manicure tables
- Can be raised for spa beds and tattoo chairs
- Stable Base:
- Features a flat base for stability
- Base can be reinforced if needed
- Space-saving Design:
- Slim profile perfect for sliding underneath furniture
- Enhanced Content Creation:
- Includes attachable phone clip for creating captivating content